GMC Canyon is the perfect pickup truck for all the right reasons

GMC Canyon in TX

The GMC Canyon is a mid-size pickup truck that offers plenty of full-size capabilities and ample technology.

Truck fans tired of being limited to full size trucks have a cool new option for our next ride: the GMC Canyon.

Now available at your local Lake Jackson GMC dealership, the 2017 Canyon is a perfect pickup. Perfect size. Perfect price point. Perfect capabilities fitting for both city life as well as hard work on the weekends.

In fact, the 2017 GMC Canyon now available at Don Davis GMC offers a sporty style and ample cargo capabilities despite its smaller size. City life or weekend warrior — the ’17 Canyon is down for whatever.

Convenience Included … in spades!

Going all-out for comfort and convenience, the reintroduced Canyon offers class-leading features like a CornerStep rear bumper, automatic climate control, voice-commanded IntelliLink with an 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen, headlamps with LED lighting, electric power steering and a whisper-quiet cabin.

Packed with Tech Gadgets

Standard features include a rear vision camera, an Autotrac transfer case, Duralife TM brake rotors that could double the life of your rotors, and and EZ-lift and lower tailgate. This new truck is smarter too, with available lane departure warning and forward collision alert functions.

Powerful Engines

But at its core, the Canyon is a truck. And accordingly, it has three powerful engines available — a 2.5L I-4 engine with 200 hp, a 3.6L V6 engine with 305 hp and a new Duramax Turbo Diesel with 181 hp.

Money-Saving Fuel Efficiency

What is truly impressive, and also attractive, is that despite this power, the Canyon offers class-leading or class-competitive fuel efficiency depending on your choice of engine.

The 2017 GMC Canyon from Lake Jackson dealers stretches out up to 31 mpg with the Turbo Diesel, up to 26 mpg from the V6 engine and up to 27 mpg from the 4-cylinder engine.

Budget-Friendly Price

Now consider that a base model Canyon can be had for an amazingly affordable starting price under $20,885 … and you quickly realize that this beauty will please your wallet every bit as much as it thrills your heart.

So come visit Don Davis GMC in Lake Jackson today and test drive the all-new GMC Canyon. It’s the truck we’ve been waiting for for years!

2017 GMC Acadia is cool, capable and smart SUV

GMC Acadia in TX

The all-new GMC Acadia features a sleek exterior, tech-savvy interior and powerful engine.

For the 2017 model, the GMC Acadia is all-new with a few tweaks and redesigns that make this mid-size SUV a must-have.

Now arriving at your local Lake Jackson GMC dealership, the 2017 GMC Acadia brings premium quality, ample seating and a whole load of tantalizing tech.

Sporting both class and a host of class-leading features, the latest Sierra from Don Davis GMC is quite the versatile vehicle. It’s elegant enough for family night, yet rugged and capable enough to handle the dirt roads for a weekend camping trip.

Inviting & Capable Interior

The 2017 Acadia features an impressive and flexible cargo capacity that revolves around an ultra-accommodating third row of seats which brings the passenger capacity up to eight! Don’t need to seat 8 people? Just fold up the third row of split bench seats and fold it flat for more cargo space.

There’s even underfloor storage compartment beneath the third row. In fact, the GMC Acadia offers more max cargo space that any of its rivals in its class. And thanks to GMC’s SmartSlide Seating, loading kids, pets and cargo is a cinch.


A 2017 GMC Acadia from your Lake Jackson GMC dealer features a rear vision camera on a home screen display that can be customized. And, this tech-savvy SUV can open the rear door for you when your hands are full and also will make calls with hands free voice-activated functions.

Plentiful Power

Oh, and if you need power and capabilities to go looking for off-road adventures, then you’ll love the standard 3.6-liter V6 engine with available all-wheel drive. It really packs a punch capable of tackling just about any terrain, and also gives you the power you need to pass up slower traffic — even when you are towing your boat.

And don’t worry about your budget — the low starting price of just $29,070 and great gas mileage is easy on your pocketbook. The ’17 Acadia can stretch out up to 26 miles per gallon on the highway.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Don Davis GMC in Lake Jackson today and test drive the all-new GMC Acadia. It’s kind of like having a premium sedan made into an SUV!

GMC Canyon checks all the boxes of a high-quality GMC truck

GMC Canyon in TX

Want full-size capabilities in a smaller truck? Drive a GMC Canyon and check out the future of pickups.

Don Davis GMC has the perfectly sized truck — the GMC Canyon.

The 2016 Canyon from your local Lake Jackson GMC dealer is made for truck enthusiasts who want a truck, but don’t want a full-size pickup. The Canyon offers class-leading features that make it a standout in its class — features like a CornerStep rear bumper, Duralife TM brake rotors that could double the life of your rotors, headlamps with LED lighting and electric power steering.

Impressive Efficiency

The fact that it offers best-in class fuel efficiency means the all-new Canyon is also a money saver. A Canyon stretches out up to 26 miles per gallon on the highway from the V6 gasoline engine. So at its super-affordable starting price under $21,000, the Canyon is very budget-friendly.

Choose the new Duramax diesel engine and watch your fuel economy jump to 31 mpg on the highway!

Chock-full of Tech

Standard features include a rear vision camera, an Autotrac transfer case and and EZ-lift and lower tailgate. Inside the cabin, the mind-blowing changes continue with available options such as automatic climate control, voice-commanded IntelliLink with an 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen.

This latest Canyon from your Lake Jackson GMC dealer is smarter too, with available lane departure warning and forward collision alert functions. Oh, and the GMC Canyon’s cabin is whisper-quiet — the quietest ever from GMC.

Power you can Trust

But you want power from your GMC truck, right? No worries, because despite all the comfort and cushiness, the ’16 GMC Canyon is also a powerful pickup. The 2.5L I-4 engine produces 200 horsepower, while the 3.6L V6 engine will roar with 305 hp. Both engines feature direct injection, variable valve timing and 6-speed transmissions.

The diesel engine rolls out 181 horsepower while generating an impressive 369 lb-ft of torque.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Don Davis GMC in TX today and test drive the small truck that delivers big features and power. And drive home in a new GMC Canyon.

Drive a 2016 GMC Sierra & save money with class-leading efficiency

GMC Sierra Angleton

The GMC Sierra 1500 boasts best fuel efficiency in it’s class — it is a money-saving V8 engine sipping fuel at rates of 24 mpg on the highway.

The great pickup trucks from Don Davis GMC have always been associated with powerful, tough engines. But did you know that the 2016 GMC Sierra is also at the top of its game when it comes to money-saving fuel efficiency?

It’s true.  The same GMC Sierra available at your local Lake Jackson GMC dealer is the clear winner when it comes to getting great gas mileage.

Fuel economy has become a serious consideration for truck shoppers in recent years, and GMC has not only noticed but also has done something about it. The results were amazing, and now the GMC Sierra 1500 sits atop the list of fuel-sipping full-size pickup trucks.

The EcoTec3 engine features fuel management with direct injection and variable valve timing that both generates and conserves power at any given time. In fact, its EcoTech engine allows the GMC Sierra to provide the best V8 fuel efficiency — up to 24 mpg* — of any full-size pickup on the market today.

Aerodynamics play a huge role in earning that efficiency — and as fate would have it Texas just so happens to be the location of General Motors’ state-of-the-art Aerodynamics Lab. The Aerodynamics Lab is a 750-foot-long wind tunnel with a 43-foot-diameter electric fan capable of generating the equivalent of 4,500 horsepower that can produce winds up to 139 mpg.

Subjecting the GMC Sierra to high speed winds, GM’s engineers were able to find ways to reduce drag on the vehicle, thereby increasing the fuel efficiency.

As a result, the latest GMC Sierra features revolutionary new air dams below the front bumper that redirect air away from the underbody and decrease drag on the truck. Drag slows your vehicle down and reduces fuel efficiency because it makes the engine work harder.

What all this means is that a GMC Sierra from your local Lake Jackson GMC dealer is no drag to drive.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Don Davis GMC in Lake Jackson, TX, and come see for yourself how the 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 is a perfect fit for your lifestyle as well as your wallet.

* EPA-estimated