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Test drive the used or Certified Pre-Owned Buick that you’re looking for at Don Davis Buick & GMC in Lake Jackson. Everybody already knows that Don Davis dealers are the leader in new cars across Texas, but Don Davis used car dealers also lead the pack in selection and value.

Whether you’re looking for the best value in a car with a factory warranty or you have a specific model in mind, shop the used cars in Houston that you’ll want to buy.

Used Cars in Houston that Come with a Warranty

You can drive a pre-owned Buick with a factory powertrain warranty at Don Davis Buick and GMC. Certified Pre-Owned Buick vehicles have passed a thorough inspection for quality and performance and come with a factory powertrain warranty to give you extra peace-of-mind.

Not just any vehicle can become a Certified Pre-Owned Buick. These cars and CUVs are the very best used Buicks in Texas. Only after any minor issues are corrected can they be offered to the public. You can’t any closer to that new car look and feel.

Huge Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you shop the Don Davis used car dealers you get access to the huge selection of vehicles within our network of dealers across Texas. That means that you get more choice and better value.

You can begin your new ride search right now by browsing our inventory online right on our website. Dig deep into the vehicles that catch your eye by clicking for the free CARFAX vehicle history report. When you narrow your search down to the vehicles you want to drive, just schedule a test drive online or head straight to the dealership.

You can even get pre-approved online before you even leave the house, and that means you can take control of your negotiation with a budget already in mind when you head out on your first test drive.

Visit Don Davis Buick & GMC to discover the best way to shop for used cars in Texas: the Don Davis way!

2015 Buick Encore in TX Delivers Right-Size Luxury

Texas Buick

Test drive the Buick Encore at Buick dealers in TX.


Buick knows luxury, and that’s why they can offer Texas Buick drivers a first class ride in a fun-to-drive package. Whether it’s city or highway, a Buick Encore in TX serves up luxury for five without compromise.

Buick dealers in TX offer you the chance to test drive a 2015 Buick Encore today. Don’t miss this opportunity before the 2015s are gone for good.

Modern Tech

America’s enduring auto brand sets the pace with cutting edge, easy-to-use tech throughout the cabin of the 2015 Encore. The prominent LCD screen in the dash displays entertainment and information options with clear icons. The screen also switches to camera display when you opt for rear cross traffic alert technology and the backup camera. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi—the Encore can have all of that, too. And to complete the package, tick the box for Bose sound and enjoy the best car audio known to mankind.

Agile Handling

Tight quarters or open road—the Buick Encore in TX handles it all. Power comes from a light and efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive keeps the Encore stuck to the pavement in all conditions. Some seriously modern engineering enabled Buick to give the Encore a wheelbase that’s suited to tight, urban parking lots and driveways while still providing the stable, smooth highway ride that Buick is known for.

The Right Price

Amazingly, Buick dealers in TX can put a sticker price on the 2015 Buick Encore that you won’t believe. It’s an economy price for a luxury vehicle, that’s the only way to describe the low MSRP on this new Buick. Go for a test drive in the Buick Encore and experience how Buick has applied generations of defining luxury to the efficiency, agility and modern tech that today’s car buyers demand.

Texas Buick dealers have the Encore ready to test drive today. Come experience the Don Davis difference this week and claim your own brand new Buick.

The New Buick is a Buick Regal in Angleton–Drive sporty four-door luxury today

Buick in TX

Test drive the Buick Regal in Angleton. Opt for a four-door sports car when you choose a six-speed manual transmission in the Regal GS.


The new Buick in TX is sporty. It’s classy. And it’s turning heads everywhere it goes.

Meet the 2015 Buick Regal in Angleton at Don Davis Buick GMC. You’ve never seen sporty with this much class. Buick dealers in TX have the Regal in stock now, but the 2015 models will only last so long.

Buick’s longstanding reputation of building cars with respectable acceleration and handling blended with a touch of elegance for those who demand a little more in a car goes back decades. From legendary Skylark that defined 1950s convertible style to the muscular Buick Rivieras of the 60s and the tire-smoking late-80s Grand National, Buick has commanded respect on highways, in showrooms and at the race track for more than a century.

Today, the Buick legacy lives on as America’s oldest car brand fields the 2015 Buick Regal in Angleton and across the U.S. Under the hood of this Buick in TX breathes a 259 horsepower turbocharged engine. High performance power comes standard in the Regal.

To make your Regal the ultimate performance machine, opt for a six-speed manual transmission in the Regal GS and feel every ounce of power as you connect your own gears. Buick offers drivers the rare chance these days to opt for a manual transmission in a four-door car. This sedan should get the nod from anyone looking for a car with backseat legroom and sporty performance.

More than a great performer, the 2015 Regal keeps driver and passengers safe with a suite of safety features including airbags, StabiliTrak, tire pressure monitoring and OnStar for emergencies. Regal is the smart choice for families.

Test drive the new 2015 Buick Regal in one of its many trim levels at Don Davis, the favorite among Buick dealers in TX. Bring your highest expectations and we’ll get the keys for you. This Buick is going to impress.

Remember that Don Davis has the financial resources and relationships to get you the financing you need for your brand new Buick. We’ll work with you to secure a down payment and monthly installment that fits your budget.

2015 Buick Verano in Angleton: Big Car Luxury, Small Car Driveability

Buick Verano in Angleton

Drive the 2015 Buick Verano in Angleton and get big car luxury with a small car feel.

Take a look at the 2015 Buick Verano in Angleton if it’s big luxury in a fun-to-drive package that you’re seeking. Don Davis Buick in Angleton has Veranos on the lot, and you can test drive this small car with big features like an available 4G Wi-Fi hotspot.

Don Davis also has great deals on theused Buick in Angleton that fits your needs, like a 2014 Verano.

The 2015 Verano comes with an interior molded for a comfortable, luxurious feel that you’ll love for the long-haul. Choose leather seats and experience a ride so comfortable it puts the big cars to shame.

The Verano interior doesn’t just look and feel great, it also features QuietTuning cabin technology that locks out exterior and engine noise to provide an in-car sanctuary from the world outside. It’s the car you’ll be looking forward to driving home in all day.

Classic luxury abounds in this Buick in Angleton, but it’s the technology packed into this impressive vehicle that’s catching the eye of car reviewers nationwide. New for 2015 you can opt for OnStar 4G LTE connectivity to keep devices connected on the road. That translates to seamless music streaming, social media connection for passengers and speedy navigation for the driver.

Premium Bose Sound is also available, making the Verano interior the ultimate environment to just enjoy the drive. The kids in the back will forget about “getting there.”

The Verano sets a new standard in 4-door luxury—a new standard that favors driveability, parkability and the simple enjoyment of a car that’s never a hassle to drive. For city dwellers and apartment or condo residents, it’s the perfect luxury car for navigating tight parking spaces and narrow driveways.

Stop by Don Davis Buick today to test drive the new 2015 Buick Verano in Angleton.

If you’re looking to maximize your value in a new car, ask us about our pre-owned vehicles. You can get a used Buick in Angleton that may be only a year or so old and barely broken in. There are many ways to maximize your overall value with the Buick Verano.

Coming Soon to Don Davis Buick in Lake Jackson: 2016 Buick Cascada

2016 Buick Cascada in TX coming spring 2016

2016 Buick Cascada in TX coming spring 2016


There’s a new luxury convertible Buick in Lake Jackson coming in the spring of 2016 with pricing available fall of 2015, and it’s called the Cascada. With four seats, two doors and one soft top that elegantly folds away to open the luxurious leather interior to the outdoors, Cascada is Buick’s most exciting new model in years.

The 2016 Buick Cascada in TX will perfectly blend the pure exhilaration of driving a high performance sports car with the comfort and legacy of Buick.

Plan to test drive a Cascada at Don Davis Buick in 2016 and you’ll get to experience the punch of a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine making 200 horsepower. StabiliTrak technology will keep sporty tires wrapped onto stylish 20-inch wheels contacted to the road through winding curves and emergency lane changes. All of this performance will of course be balanced with Buick’s legendary smooth ride.

Buick didn’t overlook safety when they designed the 2016 Cascada. Forward Collision Alert notifies the driver with an audio and visual signal when an object is detected quickly approaching too closely while the car is in motion. If the car senses a lane shift without the turn signal being activated, the available Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver. In either case, Buick makes sure that the Cascada works with the driver to keep everyone safe.

This new Buick in Lake Jackson also comes with rollover protection, but you won’t see it unless you need it. Rollover bars concealed behind the rear seat backs automatically deploy when a rolling event is detected, but they stay hidden until then so that the elegant lines of this sporty luxury ride remain uninterrupted.

In the dash, a seven-inch screen contains icons for all of the car’s entertainment and communication features including Pandora, SiriusXM, Bluetooth connectivity and GM’s own OnStar. A 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot even keeps tablets and other gadgets connected on the road. With a click, that large screen shows a rear-view camera feed to make backing and parking safe and easy.

We all know that a convertible is great for sunny weather, but even when temperatures begin to dip during football season, the 2016 Buick Cascada in TX will be the perfect car because it features a heated steering wheel and heated front seats.

Mark your calendar to test drive the exciting new 2016 Buick Cascada in the spring at Don Davis Buick.