Drive a Buick Verano and get more tech for less money

Buick Verano Angleton

The all-new Buick Verano offers the comfort and convenience of a luxury car at an affordable price.

If it’s value you seek from your next car purchase, then you should take a look at a 2016 Buick Verano at your local Lake Jackson Buick dealership before you decide anything.

Don Davis Buick in Lake Jackson has the brand new Verano on site, and you can test drive this small car with big features like an available 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. The 2016 Verano also comes with an interior molded for a comfortable, luxurious feel that you’ll love for the long-haul. Choose leather seats and experience a ride so comfortable it puts the big cars to shame.

The Verano interior doesn’t just look and feel great, it also features QuietTuning cabin technology that locks out exterior and engine noise to provide an in-car sanctuary from the world outside. It’s the car you’ll be looking forward to driving home in all day.

Sure, convenience abounds in this Buick Verano, but it’s the technology packed into this impressive vehicle that’s catching the eye of car reviewers nationwide. Now buyers can get OnStar 4G LTE connectivity to keep devices connected on the road. That translates to seamless music streaming, social media connection for passengers and speedy navigation in the Verano from your Lake Jackson Buick dealer.

Premium Bose Sound is also available, making the Verano interior the ultimate environment to just enjoy the drive. The kids in the back will forget about “getting there.”

Additionally, the 2016 Verano sets a new standard in 4-door luxury—a new standard that favors driveability, parkability and the simple enjoyment of a car that’s never a hassle to drive. For city dwellers and apartment or condo residents, it’s the perfect luxury car for navigating tight parking spaces and narrow driveways.

Stop by Don Davis Buick in Lake Jackson today to test drive the new 2016 Buick Verano.